Monday, 2 July 2012

Games of War - Last 5th Edition Tourney!

Well, another weekend of boys and their toys.

I attended another FLGS 40k tourney.
1750 Day 1, then 2250 Day 2.

Had a great weekend as usual. no arguements, no real rules disputes, just solid friendly wargaming.

20 entrants and I found myself a nice little niche in 9th place. A great result considering it was my first tournament with my Tyranids. Well done boys. Well done.

We played 5 games over the course of the weekend. And we used Victory Points as the tie breakers.
The scenarios for the tournament were as follows:

Game 1 - Objectives.
3 Objective Markers spread out across the centre line. Bog Standard Grab and Hold. Simples.

I played my self-confessed rival. Great guy. Never beats my Space Wolves with his Grey Knights, so he brought Blood Angels to try and counter them. Only to find I brought the glorious Hive Fleet. He mad. Sadly I forgot to take pictures, so this game wont be one of the two battle I write a report on. But basically; He got turn 1, rushed everything forward. In my turn 1, I set my Genestealers on his Assault Squads and shot about 60 Termagant shots into the Sanguinor. Needless to say, The Host did not survive. after that he started fighting an uphill battle, and my Doom came in and sapped life out of 1 unit of Assault Marines. My 2nd squad of Genestealers arrived to tear his Vindicator and Baal to bits. And my Trygon Prime, Swarmlord and one of my Tervigons spent far too long in combat with a Storm Shield Sergeant. Not happy.

Game 2 - King of the Hill.
One Objective in the centre. Let's make a Mosh Pit shall we ?

Guard. Manticore, Colossus and a squadron of Hydras sitting behind a wall of Guardsmen. aside from a Turn 1 Hive Guard vs Vendetta lucky shot, I didn't pop my vehicles or generally get many kill points. Although the Doom did fly in and leech a solid 9 wounds form the Guardsmen blob as soon as he arrived. Happy Days. This game ended in a Draw. As I has 2 Squads of Termagants and a Tervigon sitting on the objective. Then last moment he rushed a Hades up from behind them and contested. Oh well. Better than a loss eh ?

Game 3 - Kill Points.
'nuff said.

Blood Angels again. 3 Ravens. Yes you heard me. 3. Ravens. It was like fighting a squadron of angry Easy Jet pilots. Want to know what that is like ? Go and annoy a pilot while he's flying. He'll launch 12 Blood Strike missiles at you turn 1 and cause the contents of your stomach to be expelled violently.
(P.S. don't REALLY annoy him while he's flying. And please don't tell people I told you to do it!!!)

(these last 2 games were played at 2250pts on the 2nd day)

Game 4 - Blitzkrieg
Those of you who own the Battle Missions book, take a look at the Ork Section, and look for Blitzkrieg. Those of you who don't. Picture Spearhead deployment. One Objective in the centre, One Objective in each unoccupied quarter. but the best part was, you only had to deploy 9" from the centre objective!!! ZERG RUSH COMMENCE!!

Oh! and Blood Angels again. But this time, it was a psychopath list. I'll report this one I think.

Game 5 - Kill Points again.
'nuff said part deux.

Hey! Hey guess what! Guess what, hey!!! Hey you! guess what!! Blood Angels.... ag....again...
Granted it was vs one of my friends I go to the FLGS with. So it was less of a tournament game. And more of a stressful game of chess! Death Company List. Astorath, w/8 DC with assorted fists, hammers and swords. Lemartes w/8 DC with assorted fists, hammers and swords. Dread in a Pod. 2 Ravens with Death-Blendernaughts. I lost this game 9-8. Close, very close. By the end, the board was covered in blood and chitin....get it? blood...and...chitin .... heh....

That's it for this post. Any questions, feel free to ask. Also, check out my Youtube Channel. I'll be uploading Battle Reports and the such whenever I get the chance.

Thanks Guys. Stay classy.

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